Air Disinfection Systems - air without corona viruses and pollutants

The new ETS air purifiers use UV-C light and a multiple filter system to remove >99.9% of all viruses, pollen, gases, odors, aerosols and pollutants from the room air. Certified by SGS and tested in the state microbiological institute.

The ETS Products Group is the manufacturer of a new generation of multi-stage air cleaning systems. The devices are much more than only air filters. Among other things, they reliably eliminate bacteria and viruses, including influenza viruses and SARS-CoV-2. A multi-stage filter system consisting of a prefilter, plasma filter, activated carbon filter, titanium oxide filter and HEPA filter as well as aggressive UV-C light completely cleans the air and kills viruses and bacteria. This considerably minimizes the risk of infection. The air is cleaned without chemical additives. Environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Six different devices are currently available in several performance classes for different room sizes and areas of application. All systems analyze the air quality and control the intensity of the cleaning based on the pollution. In addition to five models with a display showing the air quality and cleaning performance, a version is also available for unattended continuous operation in public areas without the option of adjustment or switch-off. The current models and equipment are described on the website

The systems are used wherever the quality of the indoor air is important and pollutants have to be reliably removed. These are, for example, business premises, exhibition rooms, schools, universities, seminar rooms, trade fairs, production facilities, pubs, restaurants, bars (including windowless restaurants), old people's and nursing homes, hospitals, communal accommodation, waiting rooms, sports facilities and fitness studios, wellness areas, changing rooms, living rooms and bedrooms.

Numerous scientific studies already show that air cleaning systems effectively remove pollutants and viruses from the air. While most providers only refer to these studies for comparison, the ETS air purifiers were tested in the microbiological institute and at the SGS. SGS, based in Geneva, is an international goods testing group in the areas of testing, verification, physical testing and certification.  

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