Turn-off assistance system for trucks, buses, vans and cars for retrofitting

Turn-off assistance system for trucks, vans and cars for retrofitting

Retrofit solutions for more safety - turn-off assistant with radar system for retrofitting to trucks, buses, vans and cars

Turning accidents can and must be effectively prevented! Every week we hear about serious accidents when turning because pedestrians, cyclists or motorcyclists are overlooked in the blind spot. Why does this even have to happen today?

These accidents are now a thing of the past with the new ETS-CSX turn-off assistant.

Turning assistant & truck turning systems for truck, bus, van and car for retrofitn

Turn assist has long since become mandatory equipment in new vehicles, but what is happening to the several million existing vehicles on our roads?

All vehicles can now be easily and safely retrofitted with our truck turn assist.

Precise high-end detection with radar sensors permanently evaluates the radar signature to the side and behind the vehicle.

The software of the truck turn-off system distinguishes people, cyclists and vehicles from stationary objects at the side of the road.

As soon as a person or vehicle is in the danger zone, the driver is reliably warned.

In addition, the system offers active lane change support. As soon as the turn signal is set for a lane change, the electronics evaluate the traffic behind, including the approach speed, and calculate whether a lane change is possible without danger or not.

The retrofit of turn assist with radar system is suitable for all cars, vans, buses and trucks with an on-board voltage of 9V to 30V.  The radar sensors operate frequency band of 79 GHz

The set includes 2 radar sensors, wiring harness, microprocessor or control computer and one warning indicator each for the right and left side, which are mounted on the A-pillar.

The turning systems have already proven their reliability in testing over 100,000km of driving.

All systems have CE, RoHS and E-testing and are approved for use in the area of the StVZO.

Turning assistant for retrofitting Color Article number EAN
For trucks, vans and cars Black ETS-CSX 4250820808409
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