Access Systems & Rapid Fever Test

Controlled access of larger groups through thermal camera

Thermalkamera Wärmebildkamera ET-FC-10S


The system is specially designed for fully automated contactless distance fever measurement according to the Corona distance rules for persons. Due to its technical design, the system guarantees the highest possible measuring accuracy with the simplest application.

The facial area of persons is recorded fully automatically within one second when standing in front of the system and the result is displayed by green LED (temperature normal) or red LED (fever temperature) with additional alarm sound. The measured temperature is indicated on the front of the camera by an LED display after the measurement process. Removal of the protective mask is not required. In conjunction with the APP or PC software, the data can optionally be displayed on a mobile device or screen.

The computer software (for Windows 10) includes a people count for the total number of passers-by, as well as a subdivision into people with normal temperature and number of fever alarms. This function can be used to limit the number of people in a building as well as for statistics.

System System Embedded Linux system, ARM chip structure
Chip Chip SStar325
Sensor Auflösung 1/2,9"COMS SC2232H/GC2063 1902*1080
Thermosensor Hestia 32*32 90um
Genauigkeit ±0,3 ℃ 
Anzeigebereich 32-42 ℃
Blickwinkel Kamera 75°  temperatursensor 33°
Video-Kompression H.265/20FPS
Video-Format PAL
Minimale Beleuchtung 0,01 Lux
Anzeigen rote/grüne LED für Messergebnis / LED Temperaturanzeige / Weiße LED Betriebsbereitschaft
WIFI unterstützt IEEE802.11b / g / n Drahtlos Protokoll 10Mbps
LAN 100Mbps adaptive / RJ45 interface
Entfernung zur Fiebermessung die empfohlene Entfernung beträgt 75 cm - 1 m
Nachtsicht Doppelfilter, automatische Umschaltung 5-10 Meter (variiert je nach Umgebung) 
Netzwerkprotokoll TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP
Alarm 1 Gesichtserkennung optional
Alarm 2 erhöhte und zu niedrige Temperaur 
Speicherkarte TF Card (max 128GB)
Netzteil Power supply 12V/1A
Schutzklasse IP65 (outdoor)
Umgebungstemperatur  -10 ℃ / + 50 ℃
Luftfeuchtigkeit  ≤95% RH
EAN 4250820807396
Thermalkamera Wärmebildkamera ET-CAM-IR-30

ET-CAM-IR-30 V2.0

The system is specially designed for fully automated contactless fever measurement in groups of people. Due to its technical design, the system guarantees the highest possible measurement accuracy with the simplest application.

The system is equipped with a blackbody system (integrated temperature reference system) to ensure the required high accuracy for use in healthcare.

The facial area of several people in a group is simultaneously detected by the system as they pass by, fully automatically, and the temperature is measured. It is not necessary to stand in front of the system.

The non-contact measurement capacity is up to 10,000 persons per hour at a measurement distance of up to 4m. The measurement results are displayed as an overlay above the heads with temperature value in green or red in the video image at the HDMI output or in the optional PC software via a network connection.
The increased temperature of one or more persons additionally triggers an alarm. The measurement takes place in the forehead area, a removing of the protective mask is not necessary.

Dual Spectrum Wärmebildkamera ET-CAM-IR-30 V2.0
Parameter  Specifikation
  min. Beleuchtung 0,5 Lux @ (F1.8, AGC ON)
Gegenlichtkompensation wird unterstützt
Digitales Rauschen  2D & 3D Digitale Rauschunterdrückung
Störabstand ≥55dB
Allgemein IP Konfigurationen DHCP oder feste IP Adresse
Temperatureinheiten °Celsius / °Fahrenheit
Interface Ethernet (RJ45)
Arbeitstemperatur +10°C ~ +50°C (50°F ~122°F)
Lagertemperatur -40°C~+85°C (-40°F ~ 185°F)
Schutzklasse IP54
Abmessungen 129mm x 73mm x 61mm (L x B x H)
Gewicht 460g
Befestigung 1/4 " Stativgewinde
Software AI Gesichtsbereich -Erkennung 
Temperaturmessung  automatische Messung in den Gesichtsbereichen, mehrere Personen gleichzeitig 
Alarm Alarm durch Kamera, Computer or Bildschirm
Foto / Video Automtische Aufnahme bei Alarm oder manuelle Aufnahme / abschaltbar
  Anzeige der Temperaturen als Einblendung in das Kamerabild über dem jeweiligen Kopf 
Sprache  Englisch 

Temperaturmessbereich +5°C~50°C (41°F ~122°F)
Oberflächengröße Durchmesser 25 mm
Emissionsgrad  0.95 ± 0.02
Genauigkeit 0.1°C (0.18°F)
Stabilität < ±0.1°C (±0.18°F)
Spannungsversorgung DC 5V/2A
Arbeitstemperatur 0°C~50°C  (32°F ~122°F)
Luftfeuchtigkeit ≤90%
Abmessungen 53 x 50 x 57mm
Gewicht 150g
Stromverbrauch 2,5W
EAN 4250820807402
Zutritts-Systeme und Eingangsüberwachung mit Fieberkontrolle ET-FSC-001W


Controlled access of visitors and employees by face detection and fever detection as well as optional adjustable mask wear detection and detection of wearing a safety helmet.

  • Wall mounting with ball head optional with tripod / VESA mountg
  • Advertising (video or image) on lock screen optional, switching on person detection
  • Optional: mandatory entry of phone number in case of access of unknown persons

- 12 V voltage input
- USB port
- switching signal
- Wiegand input
- Wiegand output
- RJ45 network 

Betriebssystem Android 7.1.2
Kamera 2 MP mit hohem Dynamikbereich
Live Dual Kamera, IR Kamera
Bildschirm 8-Zoll-LCD-Bildschirm
Auflösung 800 x 1280
Speicher Arbeitsspeicher 2 GB / Daten 8 GB
Erkennungsmodus Gesichtserkennung
Masken-Trage-Erkennung (optional)
Helm-Trage-Erkennung (optional)
Speicherkapazität 20.000 Personen
150.000 Zugangsdatensätze
Netzwerk Offlinebetrieb bei Erkennung und Messung
Onlinebetrieb bei Zugangssteuerung
Einrichtung über deutschen Server
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